Danny's Puppet Blog

Danny's Puppet Blog- It's All About Easter from discovergod4kids on GodTube.

Danny uses his mom's old flannel graph to share the Easter story. He shows how all of God's attributes can be clearly seen throughout the whole thing!

Danny's Puppet Blog - The LOVE Month from discovergod4kids on GodTube.

February is the LOVE month, and Danny's object of his affection is CANDY! He loves Valentine's Day mainly for the candy. He has to make Valentine's cards for everyone in his class though, even for the kids that are hard for him to like. We all know people that are hard to like.

Danny's Puppet Blog- It's Just Not Fair from discovergod4kids on GodTube.

Danny tells why his whole class had to sit in timeout during recess today. It just doesn't seem fair. But God is Just, and He always treats us fairly.

Danny's Puppet Blog - Straight to the Source from discovergod4kids on GodTube.

Danny can't depend on his basketball skills because he's never played before. He has a lot to learn. Danny also discovers that GPS is reliable, but only when it is working properly and is connected. Isn't it nice to know that God is totally truthful and you can depend on Him all the time?

Danny loves Star Wars stuff, especially Lego Star Wars stuff. One of his dreams is to talk to George Lucas and learn all that he knows about Star Wars! But how much greater would it be to talk to God and learn all He knows about everything! Because God created everything, He is in control of it all--from start to finish.

Sometimes you have a week that feels like one of those big roller coasters at a theme park, where it just keeps going and diving and twisting, and you don't know where it's going next. Danny had a roller coaster week this week.

Danny made some New Year's resolutions. Things change, so keeping his resolutions is harder than making his resolutions. It's great to know that God never changes, so He always keeps His promises!

Christmas and the New Year are about promises- God keeping His promise to send a Savior and us making promises for the new year. Because God is faithful, we can depend on Him to always keep His promises.

Christmas is about family, friends, goodies, lights and presents, right? It's way less ordinary than that. Because God is Love, He loves us no matter what and will do whatever it takes to help us know Him -- even sending His Son, Jesus, to earth as a baby. Jesus lived in an ordinary family, hung out with ordinary friends, but died an extraordinary death on a cross to pay for our sin. Christmas is a time for us all to remember God's love toward us. And that makes it way more than ordinary.

Danny talks about The Sandlot (rated PG), a movie about a group of boys who love to play baseball. They fall into all sorts of misadventures, the biggest involving the neighbor's huge dog they call "The Beast". Danny points out that the boys' reactions to "The Beast" all stem from their incorrect view of the beast and his owner, resulting in all sorts of problems (and lots of screaming and running!). In the same way, knowing who God really is really matters because everything we do flows from our view of God.