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Welcome to the Parents' Place. Here are some encoraging notes from Parents who have been using the DG4Kids web site:

Parent Quotes

"I noticed that Noah can remember what he learns throughout the day. So I think the hands-on activities are working well. It holds his attention."- Christie
Family Adventures with...A ROAD MAP!!! (clearly a mom idea, since directions are included, you don't need to stop and ask)- Paula, Colorado
The "I" in ABIDE. I loved this because it shows us all that "knowing" is just a part of The Plan. Influencing is key. Sharing what we learn about our Jesus, and hearing it flow from our children is the hope(the only hope) of their generation. I liked this because it helps them project themselves into the act of sharing what they know, or protecting themselves with integrity when they are tempted. LOVED IT!- P.S., Lafayette
I loved the Activities. Popcorn and Puzzles was one of my favorites.
I've looked for a timely, user-friendly, personally-challenging Bible devotional to do with my children for a number of years. I have finally found it at Kathy, California
It has timely topics and life-application lessons. I am impressed with the Table Talk questions. They demand more than a "sunday school" answer- they are designed to make the children really think before they answer. - Kathy, Escondido
I love the breadth and depth of the resource. This is wonderful.- Becky, Florida
I enjoyed looking at the Bible Time page because it gives a daily follow-up to the main lesson, which encourages the children to be in the bible daily. Well done- this site is a keeper and one that my children and I will frequent often.- K.H.
My family really needed the one on God's Mercy this week. Thanks!- Anonymous
"My kids love the hide-n-seek game. Sometimes I forget to take the time to just "play" with them."- Heidi
"My son will tell us anytime he is unable to do something, 'God can do it.' That really shows us his understanding of this lesson."- Krista
"The lesson on God is all-powerful hit home with our kids so well that everytime they watch a movie with a superhero of any kind, they say 'because God is all-powerful, He can help me with anything.'"- Connie
"Hyleigh is loving memorizing God's attributes. It's so sweet to hear her growing and learning about God's love for her."- Amy
"My boys love the hands-on activities."- Krista
"The gift earning and receiving really hit home for my kids."- Leigh Anne
I found it very practical and easy to navigate and my kids had a great time putting the applications into practice.- Alisa, California
"We loved the prayer time. It made us pray together."- Heidi