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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We're losing our home and my kids don't understand why God didn't supply what we needed to keep it. What do I tell them?

A: I asked a dear friend of mine to give her perspective on this very challenging experience. She's a single mom with three children, one of whom is physically challenged. Left to raise the kids on her own she struggled to make ends meet. Her landlord unexpectedly announced that they would have to vacate their home within days. She had no deposit money and couldn't find any place she could rent without it. It appeared that her car was to become their next home. God answered her prayers by sending a couple to her who offered to let the family stay with them until she could save the deposit money.

Her advice is this:

First, I never let the kids know how bad it was. I just didn't feel like they could process it. I told them that God had provided for us to live with someone else until He arranged for a different house. They didn't know until years later how close we came to living in the car. But even if we did end up in the car I would have focused on God's provision of the car. He always provides. Sometimes our decisions and choices make it seem challenging, but He never abandons us.

It's important for our children to know what God promises and what He doesn't. He doesn't promise to answer every prayer with a "yes", but He does promise to provide for our needs. However, He doesn't always provide the way we expect. Explore the Family Adventure on God's Faithfulness with your children and help them see His faithful provision in the midst of difficult loss.