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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My friend recently lost her battle with cancer. We had prayed for months that God would heal her. My children are crushed that He didn't. What do I say.

A: Your children are not alone. I've wrestled with this question myself. Here are some basic questions that arise from our hurt:

  1. Can God heal? Yes! He is All Powerful and not even death has more power than God!
  2. Does God still heal? Yes! There is evidence of God's miraculous healing from all over the world.
  3. If God has the power to heal, and He still does heal, why didn't He heal our friend? This is the heart of the hurt. Why did He say no to me? Some people will say it's about us, our lack of faith, our sin, and/or our lack of prayer. But God is clear--He is the one who decides when we're born and when we die--not you and not me.

Take your child to the Creator/King and talk about the fact that He is always in control and that because He Knows Everything, is Always Right, Merciful, Faithful and Loves your friend more than anyone ever could, you can trust His decision to say "no" to your prayers for healing and "yes" to your prayers for comfort.

Our children need to know that prayers do make a difference, but it's not like a magic wand we can wave and get whatever we want. (Look at the Family Adventures Bible Times on God's Power and Faithfulness)