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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We're getting a divorce and it's a nasty one. My kids are legitimately angry. What concerns me is that they're not only mad at us, but they're also mad at God. How do I help them? If I were honest...I would have to admit that I'm mad at Him too.

A: We don't need to tell you that divorce is heart breaking for everyone. It's very hard to help our children deal with their pain when we're hurting as well. There are some great resources out there to help you and your children navigate these challenges (see the 'Resources' page), however, here are some thoughts regarding their feelings about God...

We all let our children down. No matter what the circumstances of your divorce may be the reality is when their parent's divorce, children feel betrayed. The two people they think they should be able to count on, left each other. The message that can be planted in their hearts is: every one has the potential to leave and, therefore, you can't trust anyone completely. This message can poison their relationship with God as well.

It's critical that you help them focus on who God really is (Faithful, Loving, Never Changing, Everywhere, All Knowing, Merciful...). He will be with them no matter what and He will never leave matter what. God is still in control (even if it feels like He's not) and He will make sure that His good will is accomplished in their lives as they cling to Him. Make time now, more than ever, to go through the Family Adventures With God whenever you have your children with you.

The minute you take their focus off who God really is and begin making this about justifying your behavior (even if it's justifiable) your children will loose confidence in God. Be diligent to teach your children who God really is and that He will NEVER divorce them! In the process you may find the hope, encouragement and answers you're looking for as well!