Activity Bible Time Influence Others Drawing/Dramatization Experience

Collage of Power!

Look for pictures and words in magazines and newspapers that describe God's strength. Paste them on a sheet of paper and create a collage of God's power!

Journal Jots:

In your journal, draw and label the different pieces of armor mentioned in Ephesians 6:10-17. Write about which piece of armor you need to put on the most and how putting on the armor will help. What is very hard for you to do? Is it hard for you to obey your parents or those in authority over you? Do you find it difficult to show kindness to someone who is not kind to you? Ask God for strength this week to obey and show kindness.

Color the Armor of God Sheet

(Bonus Activities).

"ABIDE" for God is All Powerful
Memory Verse Table Talk
AActivity … Family Fun Activities!
BBible Times … Exploring God's Word together
IInfluencing Others … how can you make a difference?
DDrawing/Drama … exploring your creative side!
EExperience … finding the teachable moments