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Day 4: Living by God's Standards!

Because GOD IS ALWAYS RIGHT, I will do what He says!

Read or quote the memory verse.

Read the following story with your child and discuss the questions at the end.

Andy's Desire . . . Right or Wrong?

Andy burst through the kitchen door. "Mom!" he cried with excitement, "Everyone is going to the movies, and Eric wants to know if I can come. I have some allowance money I can use. May I go Mom? PLEASE?"

"What movie is it?"

Andy knew the question would come and he was ready for it. "Eric's parent's said they read about it, and they think it's okay for him to see it. You know how picky they are about movies."

His mom stopped and looked him in the eye... never a good sign. "What movie is it, Andy?"

The minute she heard the title, a frown crossed her face. "I've read the reviews of that movie, Andy, and although it sounds like a good story, the characters use bad language, including using God's name as a swear word, and there is one scene that I don't think anyone should see, no matter how old they are. It puts stuff in your brain you will never be able to get out, Andy."

Andy was desperate. "You haven't even seen it, Mom. All the kids are going, and they will talk about it for weeks. They'll think I'm such a baby if I don't go. Their parents think it's okay," he paused, "How do you know that you're right and they're wrong?"

Her frown deepened and her eyebrows raised, a very bad sign. Much to Andy's surprise, however, she didn't get mad.

"What's really important here is what God says is right. What would God want you to do, Andy?"

What do you think God would want Andy to do? Why?
Do the Ten Commandments give any direction? (Don't misuse God's name, honor your parents, don't steal, don't swear. The Bible also says we're not to put bad stuff in our heads.)

When God says something is wrong, why do you think He made that decision?Choose one answer.
A. He wants to spoil our fun.
B. He's trying to be mean.
C. He wants to protect us from harm.

How would not going to the movie protect Andy? (When you hear God's name misused a lot, it's easy to start doing it yourself; he could have nightmares; the memories of the bad stuff might stay in his head pushing out the good).

Listen to what Romans 4:24 says to us.

God will also count us as righteous if we believe in Him, the One who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead.Discover God Bible, (NLT).

How are you made right before God?(By believing in Jesus. If your child hasn't accepted Jesus' payment for his/her sins, this would be a great opportunity to let him or her do this. See "Four Fantastic Facts".

If believing in Jesus makes us righteous, why should we worry about doing what's right?(Because sin wrecks our relationship with God.)

Listen to what John 14:23, 24 says about why we should want to do what's right.

[Jesus said,] "All who love Me will do what I say . . . Anyone who doesn't love Me will not obey Me."Discover God Bible, (NLT).

The more we love God the more we want to obey His standards. If we focus on loving God and getting to know Him better, everything else falls into place. So the question is not, "What rules are you going to obey," but rather, "How much do you love God?"

Why does it matter?

Because God is "Always Right," I can trust that His laws are not to make me miserable, but to help me experience the best life possible!

Talk with God and Stay Connected
to the Vine!

Thank God His standards are set up to protect us. If you're having a hard time choosing to do the right thing talk to God about it and ask for His help.

"ABIDE" for God is Always Right
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