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Activity - God is Faithful

A Walk in the Park!

Take a hike or a walk through the neighborhood or park. If it's warm, pack a picnic supper to take with you!! Before you leave do the following experiment:

Gather the following items: q-tips, a penny, cotton balls, paper clips, pen, eraser, and small stuffed animal. Take turns holding the items in the air and letting go. If you change the way you drop them does anything change in how they land? You will notice that no matter how you drop them, they always land on the floor. It's impossible for them to land on the ceiling or on the wall. Why is that so? Because gravity pulls objects down. Gravity is totally dependable--it pulls things down. Another way to put it is to say that "gravity is always faithful to pull things down."

While you're walking or hiking, look for things in nature that are also dependable and faithful. (Leaves fall in the autumn and come out in the spring; birds make nests; ants gather food; waves crash on the beach; the stars come out at night; the sun shines even when there are clouds. See who can find the most examples of faithfulness.

Talk About It:

Talk about what you saw and why it is a reminder of faithfulness. God is completely faithful in every way. We can depend on Him to always do what He says He'll do. The world He created reflects God's faithfulness in many ways, and it reminds of His faithfulness wherever we go.

Choose one thing you saw today to be your reminder of God's faithfulness to you and share it with everyone.

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"God never forgets a promise He has made. God is perfectly capable of standing behind His word. God is ready and able to deliver all He has promised. But we must claim His generous promises!"Bill Bright, Discover God
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