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Activity - God is Everywhere

"Hide and Seek" and "Hot and Cold" are probably familiar games to most of you, but they can provide new opportunities for you to open your children's eyes to the incredible reality that God is Everywhere! Play one or both games and then, over dessert, use the discussion questions to begin this new adventure!

PREPARATION: Prepare your favorite snack or dessert for after the game. Play one of the following games and then talk about it as you enjoy the food!!

Play "Hide & Seek"

This can be fun at any age. Play a few rounds until everyone has a chance to be "it" and then gather around the dessert and talk about it (questions are under "Dessert Time").

"Hot & Cold"

Choose an item to hide in the house. (The size may vary depending on how difficult you want to make the game. A larger item will be easier to find than a smaller item.) One person is the "hider," one person is the "seeker," and one person is the "timer."

The "seeker" leaves the room while the "hider" hides the chosen item somewhere in the room. Everyone else in the room knows where the item is but cannot tell the "seeker" or give any hints. The "seeker" returns to the room and looks for the item. The "hider" may give hints by saying "Cold" when the "seeker" is far from the object, "Warm" when getting closer, and "Hot" when very near. The "timer" times how long it takes the "seeker" to find the object. Take turns until everyone has had a chance to be the "seeker". The person who finds the object in the shortest amount of time wins.

Dessert time!

Gather around your favorite snack or dessert and talk about the following questions:
  1. Who was the best "hider"?
  2. What is the key to being a good "hider"?
  3. (Find a place you think no one will look or know about.)

  4. If you were playing "Hide and Seek" or "Hot and Cold" with God--who would win every time? (God) Why? (There's no place we can hide where God is not already there.)
  5. Who was the best "finder?"
  6. What is the key to being a good "finder?"
  7. If you played the "Hot and Cold" game: How did it feel when you weren't the "hider" or the "seeker" and you had to be quiet while the "seeker" was looking?
  8. Was it hard not to give hints?
  9. Was it frustrating watching the "seeker" get close to the object but still not see it?
  10. How do you think God might feel when He sees us looking for help, love, friendship or strength and He is right there ready to help, but we keep looking at the wrong things and don't see Him?
  11. Sometimes people want to play "hide and seek" with God. Why do you think a person would want to hide from God?

Bringing it to a close

The great thing about God is that He doesn't try to hide from us! He is EVERYWHERE all the time, and He wants us to find Him!

We can never escape the presence of God.

This week we're going to talk about the fact that God is EVERYWHERE, all the time. We're going to discover what God's presence EVERYWHERE means and you will decide what difference it makes in your life.

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"Some people see God as a 'great traffic cop' in the sky watching their every move. I like to think that He loves me so much that He cannot take His eyes off me. I am the 'apple of His eye.' Thank you, Father, for watching over us."Bill Bright, Discover God
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